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Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino Review

Check out HaY! Society’s hotel review on Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino

Sometime this year, my family and I had to visit the US Embassy along Roxas Boulevard, Ermita to process some documents.

Considering that we need to be at the embassy very early in the morning, we checked hotels around the area that’s close to it and that, as much as possible, has a pool because our son is such a pool fan!

It has been my habit to search the internet for best hotel deals. This way, I am able to check pictures and read reviews about the prospective properties.

Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino caught our attention because of its proximity to the US embassy. The hotel is just 5 minutes away if you take a cab or just 11 minutes if you walk as shown in the map below.

The inviting pictures that we saw on the internet and of course this image of the pool (picture grabbed from the internet)

enticed us to inquire for room availability.

In booking hotels, I learned to always check online rate vs directly booking in the front desk rate. And finally, we found a rate that is more than 30% cheaper online! So we booked.

Here are some details about the hotel:


If you are lucky enough, you’ll get a space in their basement parking. When we arrived there, parking was full so we had to double park inside their basement parking lot. Not that I am suspecting that something bad will happen but I was just not comfortable with their policy of leaving our car keys with the guards. But I also realized that even if you are not double parked, they still require you to leave your car keys. So it is still suggested not to leave valuables in your car.


The front desk was a little undermanned that time kaya we waited for almost 20 minutes for us to be told our room number. The waiting time, by the way, included their verifying our online booking. Yun lang downside sa online booking because they have to wait for your reservation to appear in their system.

As you can see above, I was able to take a picture of the empty front desk. May time na nawawala silang lahat. But we didn’t mind because the lobby was so wide that my son enjoyed running around.

On our way to our room, tatahakin mo ang talaga namang napakaluwang na hallway. Yung tipong pwede kang mag practice ng cultural dance because there is enough space to do it. Pero huwag kang maglalakad diyan mag-isa dahil baka may marinig kang malamig na boses na nagsasabing – “follow the light”.

I no longer remember what floor was this but as what is depicted in the picture below, you will get a nice panoramic view of the city. I’m amazed to see a good amount of green from this area. As my son puts it – “look at the world!”.


We booked a DELUXE PREMIUM room and I can tell you na sa lahat ng hotels na natirhan ko, ito ang pinakamalaking kama. Pwede magkasya ang family of 5 sa kama!

If you are in Manila for work, you will find the work desk to be very useful. This working area made it easier for me to organize and work on the documents we needed for our transaction the following day while my son used the whole hotel room space running and jumping around.

The coffee table beside the wide glass window is also very functional and relaxing.

I also suggest that you request for a higher floor so that you can enjoy the view of the city while you are inside your room.


Considering that the pool was one of the main reasons why we booked to stay in this hotel, we were so excited to check it out.

However, I was a bit disappointed because it was not how I expected it to be.

The pool looked old and not well maintained.

In fairness, there was a shallow part for children sana but the water did not look that fresh. Plus there was no shade kaya directly under the sun yung pool.

I know, pools should naturally be under the sun but there was this one hotel in Nueva Vizcaya, it is called 24/7 Hotel, na meron talagang adjustable shade. Kapag tirik na tirik na ang araw, linalagyan na nila ng shade yung pool so that their patrons can still enjoy the water without thinking too much about being sunburned. Sana ganun lahat ng hotel pools pero sa halos lahat din naman ng hotels and resorts na napuntahan ko, wala talagang shade maliban nalang kung indoor pool ito.

Ending, di rin kami naligo sa pool dahil sobrang tirik ang araw at mukhang di fresh ang water kaya umuwing luhaan ang bata sa baba.

When traveling, I always choose the comfort of a hotel room over the thrill of sight seeing and that is the very reason why comfort, convenience, and space is very important to me especially when I am with my family.

In summary, this hotel is best if proximity to the US Embassy is what you are looking for or you are attending conventions or seminars near the area. However, there is not much activity that your children can do inside the hotel. But the rooms, they are one of the best that I have stayed at.

Do I recommend the hotel? Oh yes, I will surely come back given the chance – to sleep and just relax. 🙂

P. S.

Upon checking their current rate today, I see that they usually give big discounts online as compared to booking directly lalo na kapag you are booking after the usual check in time which is 2pm in the afternoon.

Just a tip, check what’s included in your booking such as breakfast, parking, and taxes dahil baka kaya mura dahil di pa kasali yang mga yan.

So, happy hotel hunting! For hotel bookings, you can just click the travel book budge on this website. You can also explore being a member of to earn points that you can use for your next hotel bookings. 🙂

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