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Bayview Park Hotel Manila – A Second Look

I am going to give Bayview Park Hotel Manila a second look after my first night.

So I just came from an almost 14-hour seminar and I was not in a single minute dreaming to be back to my hotel because of that first night experience.

I decided to walk from Manila Hotel (the venue of our seminar) to Bayview Park Hotel Manila so that I can have a little exercise.

When I arrived at the hotel, I was told that I will be transferred to another room. I was not expecting much, I was already tired and the idea of transferring is not appealing to me. But I am giving this hotel a second chance.

I was asked to move to a higher floor and when they opened the door, thank goodness!

Here is what I can tell you:

✔️ROOM: The room I have now is well lit. As in maaliwalas siya. So they have this undiscovered side of their hotel na sana nakita ko noong unang dating ko.

Very conducive to work in the evening especially for lawyers/bloggers. The work area actually inspires me to write. Medyo magulo lang yan kararating ko kasi.

They also have a blower na kahit di mo kailangan ay parang gusto mong gamitin.

Like kung basa ang tenga mo after maligo, ganun.

Speaking of ligo, I now have the following which I usually find in all the hotels naman, wala nga lang yan nung una.

A clean lavatory…

And a tub…

…where I can now put my towels when I need them to be changed as instructed below:

The room also has its own ironing board, which I think every room should really have.

And sockets!

We need to charge our gadgets most of the time so a room without these will not really work.

I also tried to open their mini bar and some drinks are now inviting.

I noticed that the hotel is also undergoing some renovation in their hallways. Maybe they are going through a transition which explains my first night.

Over all, I am super glad with the management. Thank you very much for not taking my concern lightly. Thank you very much for this much needed room transfer. I will be staying for the next 4 days and I will call this home for now. 🙂

Also, internet is really reliable in all the rooms! Yan ang masasabi ko. Have a great hotel hunting folks!

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