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Have a taste of my merienda para alta @ Hotel Elizabeth, Baguio City.

I am on a 3-day work related seminar in one of the hotels here in Baguio City – The Hotel Elizabeth. 

A much needed breather from the war on drugs (not appropriate to be discussed on this blog :)). This is the second time that our office hosted an event here as far as I can remember and I can say that the hotel can comfortably accommodate more than 200pax in their function hall.

Function Hall is best for big events such as weddings, christenings, debuts, or dinner for 2 kung gusto mong magpaka-OA. 🙂

That’s Chief Public Attorney Hon. Persida Rueda-Acosta, our first speaker for this 3-day seminar.

 It’s just now that I noticed the hotel’s tag line that says – “An experience on its own”. 

So let’s see what I got to experience during my first day.

Oh, I was welcomed by this rain of umbrellas which literally gave me the “lutang” feel.  Medyo gloomy pagpasok mo and this added to the dreamy atmosphere of the lobby.

The pic below shows the lobby at night, you can see giant sunglasses and a lot of plants. Medyo naguluhan ako kung ang theme ba e tag-ulan because of the umbrellas or tag-araw because of these sunglasses.  This just tells me – naglalaban ang tag-ulan at tag-araw sa The Hotel Elizabeth.

But let’s not talk about the umbrellas and the sunglasses and get to the point. In every seminar, apart from the learning experience, ang pinaka-aabangan ko ay ang “free” snack or what I call “merienda gratis” in spanish. Since I don’t have time (which can also be translated to: budget) to review a fancy restaurant, I decided to write a review of today’s merienda gratis and I call it my “merienda para alta”. 

So what did I have to fill my stomach during this information-filled afternoon?



In english, they served us Tuna Sandwich with Taro Chips. 

I noticed that Hotel Elizabeth is fond of pepinos. My tuna emparedado has the right amount of mayonnaise spread, crunchy greens, a slice of tomate, fresco tuna flakes, and of course – pepino rebanadas or slices. Toothpick inclusive.

As a reminder that you have to floss after enjoying your merienda, Hotel Elizabeth already included a toothpick for you as shown in the picture below:

With the sandwich is ofcourse the TARO PAPAS FRITAS.

Tasteless and saltless cardboard thick taro chip slices. It has the right amount of crispiness that will remind you about your childhood favorite chippy, except that it is – tasteless and saltless which actually makes it a merienda that is “saludable” or healthy.

To push (make tulak) the above merienda through our garganta (throat), they gave us PEPINO JUGO (cucumber juice) extracted from carefully picked farm fresh green cucumber.

You can say that this “jugo” is carefully poured in your glass because every sip of it makes you say “ah” – “calmante” or soothing. You can always feel if the person who prepared your drink did it with love and passion.

Whew! That was what I had this tarde (afternoon) @ HOTEL ELIZABETH, BAGUIO CITY. 

Isn’t that “agua en la boca” (mouth watering)?

I will take more photos tomorrow. For bookings in this hotel or in other Hotels, check this website for availability. 🙂 

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