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China Sea Beach Resort, Bauang, La Union

China Sea Beach Resort is a place na hindi masyadong sosyal pero hindi rin jologs and will make you want to come back over and over again because of their excellent customer service.

As far as I can remember, this Holy Week is the longest vacation I had at nataon na kasama pa ang Saturday and Sunday. So it is super long weekend for me. And this is also the busiest in my working life kaya ako na mismo ang nagsabi sa wife ko na – “tara, let’s drive a long way from where we are right now! Just like what our mga kauri does, the hay society. Watyathink?!”. Tinitigan lang ako ng aking asawa at di kumibo so that meant- Yes! We are going on a journey with our Innova, not J, not E, but G!

This is me, my wife, and our son. I come from one of the prominent families in the Philippines. Our family business include mining, aviation, real estate and many more but I talked to my family and convinced them to donate everything to the poor. Now, I am contented being part of the middle class and rubbing both elbows with the masses. My wife? She is also an alta, her family owns part of Scarborough shoal but because of the current dispute with China, they decided to let go and live a low key life. My son? He does not know that we are rich because he is still young. Look at him, di niya kami ikinahihiya diyan ha, he is just shy. 🙂

We initially wanted to go to China for this long vacation pero because of the news na maraming nag boycott or mga nag leave na employees ng Bureau of Immigration as relayed in this news

we decided to go local, ang hirap kaya ma stuck sa NAIA. Late naman na if I will donate the salaries of the employees so that they can go back to work. I did not have time to do it kasi.

So the solution was to do hotel scouting by making a few calls here and there. Most are fully booked. I called this resort that earlier said na fully booked sila and they again said na fully booked nga daw sila but when I told them that my wife’s family own part of the Scarborough Shoal, we were accommodated. Talk about being alta.
So off we go to China!

China Sea Beach Resort is located in Bauang, La Union and is just around 57 kilometers away from where we live, the City of Baguio.

We were able to get the last room available and we booked it 3 days before arrival by depositing the payment to their bank account. Before arrival, i checked with them if they received the money and they confirmed. Upon arrival, we were asked to show them the deposit slip. I found it weird because they already received the money as they confirmed earlier. I asked them again if they received a copy of the deposit slip through e-mail and they said “yes”. So I don’t get it. They should have just asked for our identification to make sure that the person who deposited the money is the same person who is checking in. Hassle lang but all is well. 🙂

So how is it in China?

I’m writing this on our second day of stay so these are the things worth noting so far:


They have enough space for let’s say more or less 20 cars.


This one is Building 2 and we were booked there dun sa may mga sinampay. Lol

There is space for our son’s playtime too…

Below is our view from the porch…

From the porch you will have a view of the ocean, so sad because this reminded my wife of their family’s claim over the Scarborough Shoal.

The room is clean, we got a fridge, and a flat screen tv. Rate is affordable depending on budget. We earlier checked on 5 star hotels so when we checked the rate on this one, it made it easier for us to part with our hard earned money from mining, aviation, real estate and others.



View of the pool from our porch…

Our son loves swimming and so we make it sure that every hotel we visit has a pool. China Sea Beach Resort has only one pool. The pool is warm so they did not have to have a heater. May mga dahon dahon nga lang na lumilitaw during that time and maybe under staffed lang sila so they were not able to check that. My son enjoyed it still though.


I brought some work so I needed to do a little research sana but wifi is not that strong.  The good thing is I discovered how to write my blogs straight through my phone! Malakas signal ng globe dito so I am still thankful.


Your booking comes with free breakfast…

and they have a restaurant to serve you for lunch and dinner.

Here is their menu…

Masarap yung breakfast meals nila and I think I have been ordering their longganisa.

After breakfast, we have to eat lunch of course…4 days 3 nights kaya ito. Haha

So, our lunch…

Buti nalang may tubig at saging. We just order extra rice and ice from the resto for this.

All in all, our stay is worthwhile.  We are very thankful to Rhea, one of their front desk staff for taking time to call us and inform us na merong nag cancel.

Out of 5 stars, I give this stay four (4) stars. Five (5) sana but the pool was not that maintained during this visit.

4 goes to excellent customer service. Despite being fully booked, they are on time with our food orders (hindi kasi masyado madami?) haha. Mababait sila, wala ako masabi.

Plus i got to capture the sun set!

Up to this point, they have not yet noticed that we belong to the hay society because we managed to be simple and friendly.

So will we come back again? Definitely, YES. I would love to experience sunrise, sunset, sea breeze and the courteous people over and over again.

Till next hotel and resort visit!! So hotels and resorts, watch out for the hay society surprise visit!




Apart from our bananas for lunch, we also tried their shrimp pizza para hindi sila makahalata na saging at tubig lang kinakain namin. Tastes great!

The photos below are taken during our last afternoon. Our stay will not be complete without us witnessing the sunset’s love story with the ocean and the boats.

This was taken during our 2nd trip to China Sea Beach Resort sometime in 2016. This is not their shoreline, you need to take a 15 minute boat ride from their beach where some boatmen will bring you to this white sand semi-paradise. Not much to do there though, just snorkling and picture taking. 🙂


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